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Master the Concrete Facts About Cellular Concrete Technology By Downloading These Free, Informative White Papers

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“ What is Cellular Concrete … and If It is So Great, Why Doesn’t Everyone Use It?”

Cellular concretes have an established and long record of success in construction, manufacturing and mining applications. This whitepaper introduces project owners, permit-granting agency staff, specifiers and other construction professionals, governmental officials and regulators, students, educators, media professionals and the general public to the basics of cellular concretes.

Included in this informative white paper is a brief history of cellular concrete, methods of cellular concrete production, cellular concrete properties, benefits of cellular concrete, typical cellular concrete applications, and innovations in cellular concrete technology. The paper also raises and answers a key question: “If cellular concrete is so great, why doesn’t everyone use it?”

>>Download - “What is Cellular Concrete...and If It is So Great, Why Doesn't Everyone Use It?”


“ Improving Stormwater Runoff Management”

This white paper introduces project owners, developers, civil and geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, permit-granting agency staff, site preparation and pavement contractors, and other regulators and construction/project professionals to a new, more sustainable practice for improving stormwater runoff management: Pervious cellular lightweight concrete (PCLWC).

PCLWC improves the detention of stormwater runoff, providing more detention capacity than typical pervious fill solutions while imparting less impact on native soils, eliminating compaction testing, and significantly reducing project carbon dioxide emissions and heavy metal contamination to area wetlands and waterways.

>>Download - “Improving Stormwater Runoff Management”


“ Revolutionizing Mine Tailings Disposal and Backfill”

This white paper introduces mine owners, mining and geological engineers, mine facility and primary production managers, permit-granting agency staff, heavy equipment operators, and other regulators and construction professionals to a new, more sustainable, and more economical practice for improving surface tailings disposal and backfilling – Smart foam liquid concentrate (SFLC) as the transport medium.

SFLC technology involves the introduction of engineered air bubbles to replace water as the main transport medium, resulting in an environmentally safe and less expensive alternative for surface tailings disposal and backfilling.

>>Download - “Revolutionizing Mine Tailings Disposal and Backfill”.


“ Simplifying Construction on Marginal Lands”

Many issues influence the development, expansion, and restoration of structures and infrastructures. These influences often result in construction in tight placement conditions, cold weather environments, or over marginal soils incapable, without site amendments or technology interventions, of supporting required loads.

This white paper assesses alternative methods available for lightweight fill and geotechnical insulation applications and advances cellular concrete as a sustainable, cost-effective solution for simplifying construction in tight placement applications and on marginal lands.

>>Download - “Simplifying Construction on Marginal Lands”


“Improving Performance of Low-Slope Roof Assemblies and Systems ”

High-performing roof assemblies and systems provide a key line of defense against rain, snow, wind, hail, and fire, protecting building interiors, contents, structural components, occupants, insurers, and investors. This white paper shares roof design considerations in terms of value provided for building stakeholders and advances lightweight insulating cellular concrete as a key material for improving performance of low-slope roof assemblies and systems.

Included in this educational white paper is information on roof assemblies and roof systems, roof deck (substrate) options, insulating roof assembly options, design considerations for high-performing, low-slope roofs, and the benefits of using lightweight insulating cellular concrete for low-slope roof systems and assemblies, including the environmental soundness of lightweight insulating cellular concrete roof decks. Performance comparisons and cost considerations of rigid insulation board and lightweight insulating cellular concrete are also provided.

>>Download - “Improving Performance of Low-Slope Roof Assemblies and Systems”